What Every Blind Person Needs YOU To Know:

A handbook for the families, friends, and colleagues of the visually-impaired

book-what-every-blind-person-needsEmpowering the blind or partially-sighted person in your life would be fabulous, right? Giving her back her independence would significantly enhance her self-esteem, not to mention freeing you up to attend to other things on your plate.


Written by someone who has walked the path of deteriorating eyesight and worked as a qualified crisis counsellor, this handbook contains a wealth of insight into the physical, emotional and psychological challenges facing those with a disability. Its contents include:


  • Common attitudes towards blindness
  • Manifestations of difficulty
  • Reasons for resistance
  • Some tips on encouraging independence
  • Signs of progress
  • The value of community
  • The temptation to cop out
  • Successful separation


The process of educating yourself about what your visually-impaired family member, friend or colleague needs you to know can be as empowering for you as it is for her. Say goodbye to guilt and start expanding your interests into new areas. This book will show you how!

Leanne Hunt’s book “What Every Blind Person Needs You To Know” leads you on her insightful, honest journey of introspection, prayer, study and struggle towards accepting her disability and developing potential beyond expectation. This book not only helped me understand some of the challenges a blind person encounters as they negotiate the path of eternal growth and development with a disadvantage, but helped me confront my own prejudices and preconceived ideas to enable me to better empathise, support, pray for and enable my patients to achieve fulfilment, contentment and happiness. Everyone who befriends, loves, works with or cares for a blind or partially sighted person MUST read this book.

Joanne Miller MBBCh FCS. Ophthalmologist


Dr Joanne Miller
Ophthalmologist / Oogspesialis
MBBCh (Wits) FCS Ophth (SA)
Practice Number 2604337

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The Unravelling of Ingrid Steele

theunravellingWouldn’t you be shocked to discover that the reason for your husband’s nervous breakdown has nothing to do with work stress and everything to do with his younger sister not being his younger sister at all?


The Unravelling of Ingrid Steele is the compelling story of a woman who has found salvation from an abusive childhood in the arms of the upstanding and stable Steele family and their successful rose-growing business.  yet the peaceful routine of her life is thrown into disarray when secrets from the past begin to emerge.  Ingrid, once a settled wife and mother, finds new and alarming feelings coming to the surface which threaten both her marriage and her sense of who she is and what she stands for.


From the plight of AIDS orphans to the sophistication of Johannesburg’s jet-setters, this book has a cast of characters that will charm, intrigue and move you.  Buy it for yourself or give it to someone as a gift using Amazon’s easy gifting facility.

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Jozi Gold

book-cover-mediumWhen Jeannie Parker learns that her smart sister Karen is planning to visit South Africa from Australia to soak up thee electric atmosphere ahead of the 2010 Soccer World Cup, she doesn’t foresee the havoc about to be wreaked in her marriage. Her husband Craig fears the worst,, however, as his long-standing secret lover is all set to force a showdown, determined to finally lay proper claim to him.


In this fast-paced novel, love and faithfulness tussle with jealousy and betrayal, drawing innocent people into the vortex of family breakdown. The ever-present threat of crime, combined with the aspirations of businesspeople, sports fans and journalists, provides a compelling background to this authentic contemporary relationship drama.


Jozi is the name affectionately given to Johannesburg, home of international mining companies, minibus taxis and a host of other colourful icons. According to the history books and media, it’s the African continent’s city of gold—yet is there room enough for everyone to prosper? Surely, there are winners and losers in every game? You’d think so, but this book has a surprising twist which may convince you otherwise.



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